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13 March 2014


Permanence, longevity, stability and predictability.  This is what we’re all looking for in our long-term financial plan. Of course, none of these stable words describe our actual lives as they are lived. Our families grow and shrink, as do our paychecks. Our children go to college, and we retire (and then un-retire, and then start a business, and so on). We move towns and buy vacation homes. We start savings accounts for our precious grandchildren, we give to charity and maybe start a scholarship in the name of our ancestors.


The point is, your life is not static (and it never has been). You need a financial advisor that can help you plan for the future – for the foreseen and the unforeseen – and you need one that understands that in five years you might be ready for an entirely new plan. Most important, you need someone that can take the time to know you and your family, and someone that is standing at the ready to help you adjust through life’s many major transitions.


Brightline Group is not a big firm. That is by design. After spending 15 years working at one of the biggest financial investment firms in the world, Woody Rash walked away with a new set of understandings about his career field. Chief among them: if you really want to help people reach their goals, you have to first get to know them as people. And you can’t do that when you’re managing a thousand accounts. Individuals and their goals, it turns out, are not built to scale.


Working with Brightline Group is not your typical financial services experience. That’s because Brightline Group aims higher than simply selling you a handful of insurance and investment products and then handing you your framed financial planning document. Our goal is to help you discover yours, and then help you pursue it.


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