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Have you had a bad experience trying to secure a warranty for your electronic devices? How about those pesky sales people who always try and sell you extended warranties when you make a purchase? Well, there is a new company in town who aims to turn the warranty industry on its collective head. Upsie, founded by former Best Buy executives, allows you to warranty your items on your own, via their App. No sales people and no hassles. The best part: they do it at a lower cost and with a lower deductible. So, if you are looking for an alternative to traditional warranty programs, click the image below for details on how to get the App. Upsie    


Did you know that Minneapolis is one of the top ten cities for biking in the U.S.? Travel Channel ranked major cities in a recent story and said: ‘Minneapolis has the second-highest number of bicycle commuters of the larger US cities (right behind Portland). The bike culture here is big and proud, and includes an eclectic mix of roadies, messengers, BMXers and hipsters, who can enjoy 120 miles of bikeways, bike-pedestrian bridges like the Stone Arch Bridge and the city’s bike share program.’ Reading the article got me thinking about my friend Jesse Erickson, who co-founded Handsome custom bikes. If you are in the market for building a retro-looking custom bike, you must look at Handsome! handsome_logo    

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