Investment solutions are all around you.

Every bank, broker and insurance outfit has a product they will swear is the “best solution for your individual needs”. If everyone has something to sell how do you know what to buy, and from whom? Our belief is that disclosing conflicts of interest is paramount to creating an environment of frank and honest discussion about how best to solve problems.

Utilizing individual securities, exchanged traded funds and the occasional mutual fund, we leverage respected research providers to evolve our strategies. Because we are independent, we access and use the work of respected minds on Wall Street, allowing for diverse research to drive our thinking. Lastly, we recognize cash as a tool for wealth protection. When markets warrant, we will not hesitate to raise cash to manage risk.

Primary strategies, include:
  • Rising dividend (income) stock model
  • Earnings momentum (growth) stock model
  • Core – satellite ETF model
  • Sector rotation ETF model
  • Tax-Free bonds
  • Real Estate
  • Commodities


For specific tax advice, always consult with an appropriate professional.
Brightline Group does not provide legal or tax advice.

Investment advisory services offered through ViaWealth, a registered investment advisor.